About Molly McButter – Butter & Cheese Sprinkles

Molly McButter® makes it easy to add a flavorful and fat free twist to your favorite foods with just a few sprinkles! Molly McButter is butter flavor and cheese flavor that’s fat free, cholesterol free and contains zero trans fat, with 5 calories per serving. Whether you’re a heath enthusiast or a flavor seeker, Molly McButter is the go-to flavor complement that won’t add fat.

Enjoy fat free Molly McButter Butter Flavor Sprinkles or Molly McButter Cheese Flavor Sprinkles on vegetables, fish, hot cereal, rice, pasta, popcorn, scrambled eggs and more, as a substitute for butter or cheese. It’s perfect for cooking, tableside, or on the go at restaurants and on movie theater popcorn.

About B&G Foods

B&G Foods, Inc. (NYSE: BGS) and its subsidiaries manufacture, sell and distribute a diversified portfolio of high-quality, branded shelf-stable foods across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.  Based in Parsippany, New Jersey, B&G Foods’ products are marketed under many recognized brands, including Ac’cent, B&G, B&M, Baker’s Joy, Bear Creek Country Kitchens, Brer Rabbit, Canoleo, Cary’s, Cream of Rice, Cream of Wheat, Devonsheer, Don Pepino, Emeril’s, Grandma’s Molasses, JJ Flats, Joan of Arc, Las Palmas, MacDonald’s, Maple Grove Farms, Molly McButter, Mrs. Dash, New York Flatbreads, New York Style, Old London, Original Tings, Ortega, Pirate’s Booty, Polaner, Red Devil, Regina, Rickland Orchards, Sa-són, Sclafani, Smart Puffs, Springtree Maple Syrup, Sugar Twin, Trappey’s, TrueNorth, Underwood, Vermont Maid and Wright’s.  B&G Foods also sells and distributes Static Guard, a household product brand. For more information, please visit www.bgfoods.com.